Figure 5: Disability progression—ages 58–79 years: Runners’ Club and Community Controls. Progression of disability in Runner’s Club and Community Control groups over 21 years from an average age of 58 is compared in the figure both with yearly disability values and statistically derived regression lines. The regression lines are derived from linear mixed models and adjusted for age, gender, BMI, smoking, and initial disability. Comparison of postponement of disability is represented by the absolute difference between the two groups in the time required to develop a given level of disability. The example shown is to reach Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) Disability Index Scores of 0.10, 0.15, and 0.20. All differences are highly statistically different ( ). Lines continue to diverge with age. The postponement is 8.6 years between groups in reaching the  .010 mark, 12.6 years to reach the 0.15 mark, and projected at 16.6 years for the HAQ level of 0.20. Consistent moderately active exercise postpones onset of disability for many years.