Journal of Aging Research / 2011 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Interactions of Aging, Overload, and Creatine Supplementation in Rat Plantaris Muscle

Table 1

Fluid consumption and creatine intake for young and aging rats.

Fluid intake (mL/day)Creatine intake (g/kg body wt)Fluid intake (mL/day)Creatine intake (g/kg body wt)

Control  mL/day  mL/day
Creatine  mL/day  g/kg  mL/day  g/kg
Overload  mL/day  mL/day
Overload + Creatine  mL/day  g/kg  mL/day  g/kg

Data presented as Mean ± SD. , greater than control group; , old greater than young.