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Research Article

Fall Prevention Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Community Stakeholders and Older Adults

Table 3

(a) Older adults concern about falling compared to other personal health and safety issues,

Fall concerns%

One of the most important health and safety issues that concerns you31
Only one of several you are concerned with36
One of the least important personal health and safety issues you are concerned with34

(b) Older adult knowledge of, attitude toward, and participation in, fall prevention practices,

Fall prevention practiceEndorsed when unaidedEndorsed when aidedPractice perceived as very importantParticipation in practice


Individual assessment of fall risk1522916
Strength and balance training8885954
Home assessment and safety21614237
Review and management of medications0596529
Training and use of assistive devices*69274948
Fall prevention education234224

*Only 27% of older adults used canes or walkers.
Although specific training in using walkers and canes was not mentioned by any of the respondents, they were focused on being cautious when walking, moving slowly, wearing good/safe shoes, using canes/walkers, and holding on to things.
Indicates past year participation in fall prevention education.
(c) Older adults’ participation in practices based on the perceived importance of falls as a health concern,

Falls perceived to be an important health
and safety concern
Fall prevention practiceYesNo
(%) (%)

Individual assessment of risk
 Participated in practice20(65)21(30)*
 Not participated11(35)49(70)
Strength and balance training
 Participated in practice19(61)53(76)
 Not participated12(39)17(24)
Home assessment and safety improvement
 Participated in practice26(84)46(66)*
 Not participated5(16)24(34)
Review and management of medications
 Participated in practice19(66)27(40)*
 Not participated10(34)40(60)
Training and use of assistive devices
 Participated in practice6(55)8(44)
 Not participated5(45)10(56)
Fall prevention education
 Participated in practice5(16)10(14)
 Not participated26(84)(60)(86)

*Significant ( is not statistically significant).
Only 27 persons reported using a cane/walker.

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