Table 3: Differences in loneliness between the old (age 70–79) and the oldest-old (age 90–104), HRS 2006/2008.

NOftenSometimesHardly ever/NeverP

Lack companionship
 Age 70–794,1099.934.056.1<.000
 Age 90–10426917.139.743.2
Feel left out
 Age 70–794,0956.133.360.6n.s.
 Age 90–1042657.437.455.2
Feel isolated
 Age 70–794,0826.326.167.7.085
 Age 90–10426510.326.862.9

Loneliness scaleMean (s.d.)
 Age 70–794,1231.46 (0.61)<.001
 Age 90–1042741.58 (0.61)

Note: Figures shown are weighted sample sizes and percentages and weighted scale means with standard deviation in parentheses. values denoting statistical significance of age differences were obtained using Wald chi square tests for the items and tests from bivariate OLS regression for the scale mean.