Table 2: Domains of EQ-5D: current and hypothetical moderate AD health state (weighted results).

Domains/questionsCurrent health state ( )Assuming AD ( )

I have no problems in walking about85.92%42.80%
I have some problems in walking about14.08%55.97%
I am confined to bed0%1.23%
I have no problems with self-care96.69%27.12%
I have some problems washing or dressing myself3.31%71.13%
I am unable to wash or dress myself0.0%1.75%
Usual activities
I have no problems with performing my usual activities82.67%16.68%
I have some problems with performing my usual activities15.67%72.84%
I am unable to perform my usual activities1.66%10.48%
I have no pain or discomfort52.77%42.14%
I have moderate pain or discomfort45.20%55.78%
I have extreme pain or discomfort2.02%2.09%
I am not anxious or depressed75.61%18.73%
I am moderately anxious or depressed22.78%56.96%
I am extremely anxious or depressed1.61%24.31%