Table 3: Regression analyses: EQ-5D utility score and perceived utility decrement associated with a hypothetical moderate AD health state (weighted results).*

VariableCategory EQ-5D health utility score self-assessed current health state Utility decrement associated with moderate AD health state
CoefficientBootstrap SE*CoefficientBootstrap SE*

Gender Female versus male0.01700.01310.04800.0218
Some collegeVersus high school or less−0.00300.02010.04410.0297
Some universityVersus high school or less0.03290.01940.07840.0256
Income: $20 to 40 KVersus less than $20 K0.10190.02560.02540.0349
Income: $40 to 60 KVersus less than $20 K0.08410.0258−0.00620.0361
Income: $60 to 80 KVersus less than $20 K0.09990.02670.05040.0368
Income: $80 K and +Versus less than $20 K0.10650.02790.04790.0333
Know someone with ADVersus not knowing0.00320.0215
ADKT score0.01070.0099
Multiple R-squared0.10280.1415
Adjusted R-squared0.08770.1208

Bold indicates statistical significance (i.e. ).