Table 3: Item means.

Analysis 1Analysis 2
Item mean 𝐻 𝑖 𝐻 𝑖 (Scale “B”) 𝐻 𝑖 (Scale “R”)

5. “What am I doing to deserve this?”0.710.240.32
7. Analyze recent events1.380.270.47
10. “Why do I always react this way?”1.250.350.32
11. Go away by yourself1.290.350.44
12. Write down what you are thinking0.420.250.37
13. Think about a recent situation1.250.270.43
15. “Why do I have problems other people do not have?”0.750.270.41
16. “Why cannot I handle things better?”1.110.420.42
20. Analyze your personality1.040.420.49
21. Go someplace alone to think about your feelings0.910.300.43

H (total scale)0.330.380.44

Rho * 0.790.710.76

*Reliability estimate provided by MSP5.0; B: brooding; R: reflection.
Note. Item numbers refer to the 22-item version of the Ruminative Response Scale [22] after exclusion of items loading on the factor depression.