Table 2: Mean (SD) gait speeds (m/s) for each condition and each gait task. Values are only from the subjects with gait speed data for all conditions.

Gait taskYoung adults ( )Older adults ( )

FC1.97b(0.21)1.90(0.17)1.90a,b(0.20)1.93 b(0.19)1.51b(0.37)1.44b(0.39)1.39a,b(0.36)1.44 b(0.37)
OB1.96c(0.21)1.88a,c(0.19)1.87a,c(0.21)1.90 c(0.20)1.42c,d(0.40)1.32a,c,d(0.36)1.30a,d(0.36)1.35 d(0.37)
Mean1.81(0.17)1.76 a(0.15)1.75 a(0.18)1.77(0.24)1.41(0.35)1.33(0.33)1.32 a(0.34)1.36 * (0.24)

SS: walking at self-selected speed, FC: walking at fastest comfortable speed, OB: walking at fastest comfortable speed with obstacle crossing.
aSignificant differences between single-task and dual-task (none of the differences between the two dual-tasks were significant), (Tukey’s HSD).
bSignificant differences between self-selected and fast, (Tukey’s HSD).
cSignificant differences between self-selected and fast obstacle, (Tukey’s HSD).
dSignificant differences between fast and fast obstacle, (Tukey’s HSD).
*Significant difference between older adults and young adults, .