Table 3: Reliability of different gait parametersa at preferred speed (ICC: intraclass correlation coefficient, CI 95% confidence interval 95%, SEM standard error of measurement, SDD smallest detectable difference, and LALB limits of agreement lower boundary, LAUB limits of agreement upper boundary).


Single task
 SDu (s)0.8480.652–0.9330.03±0.060.09−0.0720.071
 SL (m)0.8980.767–0.9550.04±0.090.12−0.1280.124
V (m/s)0.8240.597–0.9230.12±0.250.35−0.3490.354
 Cad (step/min)0.8340.623–0.9275.20±10.214.42−13.75415.096
Dual task
 SDu (s)0.8290.597–0.9260.10±0.200.28−0.0770.119
 SL (m)0.8690.706–0.9420.17±0.340.48−0.1590.130
V (m/s)0.8290.616–0.9240.13±0.260.37−0.4310.318
 Cad (step/min)0.8260.672–0.9405.38±10.5414.90−18.10114.901

SDu: step duration; SL: step length; 𝑉 : velocity; Cad: cadence.
aCalculations—SEM: M e a n square error; CI 95% = ±1.96 × SEM; SDD = 1.96 × 2 × SEM.