Table 3: Inter-rater and inter-method reliability. *Correlation was significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed). **Correlation was significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed). ManWML is manual MRIcron volumetry; . Anterior is the manual MRIcron assessed volume anterior of the quadrigeminal plate. Posterior is the manual MRIcron assessed volume posterior of the quadrigeminal plate. ManWML versus AutoWML is the manual MRIcron volumetry correlation to the automatic FreeSurfer volumetry. Rho below T3 is the Spearman correlation, and ICC below T3 is the intraclass correlation in the lower two tertiles. Rho in T3 is the Spearman correlation and ICC in T3 the intraclass correlation in the highest tertile. The reliability was significantly higher in the highest tertile for all methods.

Kendall's tau-b ICC ICC below T3 ICC in T3Rho Rho below T3Rho in T3

Inter-rater reliability

Fazekas 0.88**0.87**0.65**0.86**0.89**0.65**0.92**
ManWML 0.45*0.97**0.19 0.95**0.60**−0.03 0.94**
 Anterior 0.63**0.23 0.94**
 Posterior 0.82**0.56*1.00**

Inter-method reliability

ManWML versus AutoWML 0.48**0.51**0.14**0.44**0.65**0.38**0.74**