Journal of Aging Research / 2013 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Older Adults Making End of Life Decisions: An Application of Roy's Adaptation Model

Table 2

Descriptive statistics for variables in the model.

Variable M(SD)Possible rangeObtained range

Focal stimulus
 Number of hospitalizations 2.30(2.00)NA0–24
Contextual stimuli
 Health insurance2.34(0.80)0–80–6
 Household income5.22(2.15)1–91–9
 Satisfaction with HC3.45 (0.64)1–41–4
Residual stimuli
Physical mode
 ADL score6.07(3.48)3–153–15
 Fall score1.78(0.89)1–31–3
 No. of diseases3.19(1.53)0–100–8
Self-concept mode2.62(1.17)1–51–5
Role function mode1.12(0.32)1-21-2
Interdependence mode
 Family structure6.92(3.62)NA 2–7
AD completion1.57(0.49)1-2 1-2