Table 1: Characteristics of the three observed intersections.

IntersectionZhongguancun East Rd. - Zhichun Rd.Zhongguancun East Rd.- North third ring West Rd.Zhongguancun South Rd. - Weigongcun Rd.

Intersection type4-leg4-leg4-leg
Observed approachesZhongguancun East Rd.(North)Zhongguancun East Rd.(North)Zhongguancun South Rd.(South)
Crossing approachesZhichun Rd.North third ring West Rd.Weigongcun Rd.
Cycle length(s)119130135
Number of motor vehicle lanes on the crossing streets in both directions4(enter)+4(exit)5(enter)+3(exit)5(enter)+5(exit)
Crossing distance (m)4038.544
Area typesUrbanUrbanUrban
Separate signal for cyclists and pedestriansNoNoNo
Pedestrian signal typeFlashingFlashingFlashing