Research Article

Genome Sizes in Hepatica Mill: (Ranunculaceae) Show a Loss of DNA, Not a Gain, in Polyploids

Table 1

Hepatica species with their nuclear DNA content in pg, average for the species, standard deviation, and origin.

Hepatica species2C DNAAverageStandardOrigin
in pgdeviation(as = received as)

Section Hepatica

H. nobilis Schreber32.733.00.9Sweden
H. nobilis Schreber32.7Poland
H. nobilis Schreber33.2hort. blue flower
H. nobilis Schreber32.3hort. pink flower
H. nobilis Schreber32.9hort. white flower
H. nobilis Schreber32.7hort. Rubra plena
H. nobilis Schreber33.7Sweden, forma Plena
H. nobilis Schreber33.3“Crenatiloba”
H. nobilis Schreber33.9Marmor Crenata'
H. nobilis Schreber33.3Walter Otto' (double)
H. nobilis Schreber33.2as var glabrata, Sweden
H. nobilis Schreber33.2as var glabrata, S.Oeland
H. nobilis Schreber32.3as var pyrenaica
H. americana ssp. acuta (Pursh) Zonn.34.634.81.0USA, on limestone
H. americana ssp. americana (DC.) Ker Gawl.34.9USA, on acid soil
H. maxima (Nakai) Nakai35.934.82.2Korea, BSWJ 4344
H. maxima (Nakai) Nakai34.0Korea
H. maxima (Nakai) Nakai34.4Korea, Ullung Do
H. asiatica Nakai ssp. asiatica 36.636.31.4China
H. asiatica Nakai ssp. asiatica 35.9Korea
H. asiatica ssp. insularis (Nakai) Zonn.34.735.41.5Korea, BSWJ 859
H. asiatica ssp. insularis (Nakai) Zonn.36.1Korea, Cheju Do
H. asiatica ssp. japonica (Nakai) Zonn.35.635.80.6Japan, blue flower
H. asiatica ssp. japonica (Nakai) Zonn.36.4Japan, pink flower
H. asiatica ssp. japonica (Nakai) Zonn.35.4Japan
H. asiatica ssp. pubescens (Hiroe) Zonn.
H. asiatica ssp. pubescens (Hiroe) Zonn.79.979.90.4Japan, “Tenjinbai”

Section Angulosa (Ulbr.) Nakai

H. falconeri (Thomson) Steward25.9*Kashmir, Pakistan
H. henryi Steward53.253.02.9China
H. henryi Steward52.7via E. Myrholt
H. transsilvanica Fuss55.554.22.5Lilacina'
H. transsilvanica Fuss54.4Bulgaria
H. transsilvanica Fuss54.2Elison Spence'
H. transsilvanica Fuss54.2Loddon Blue'
H. transsilvanica Fuss52.9
H. yamatutae Nakai58.258.32.1China, Emei Shan
H. yamatutae Nakai59.5China, “Marmorata”
H. yamatutae Nakai58.9China, black leaf
H. yamatutae Nakai56.4China, Emei Shan

*Recalculated from [7]