Research Article

Genome Sizes in Hepatica Mill: (Ranunculaceae) Show a Loss of DNA, Not a Gain, in Polyploids

Table 3

Genome sizes of Hepatica compared with results of Mabuchi et al. [7] and idem recalculated.

This articleMabuchi et al. [7]recalculated% difference
H. vulgare = 11.12 pgH. vulgare = 10.0 pgbetween column B and D

H. falconeri (Thomson) Steward25.9*30.227.2

H. nobilis Schreber33.038.334.44.2
H. americana (DC.) Ker Gawler34.640.336.24.6
H. americana ssp. acuta (Pursh) Zonn.34.940.336.23.7

H. maxima (Nakai) Nakai34.841.737.57.8
H. asiatica ssp. insularis (Nakai) Zonn.35.441.737.55.9
H. asiatica Nakai ssp.asiatica 36.342.3384.7
H. asiatica ssp. japonica (Nakai) Zonn.35.841.737.54.7

H. henryi (Oliv.)Steward53.065.859.211.7
H. transsilvanica Fuss54.266.559.810.3
H. yamatutae Nakai58.370.963.89.4
H. asiatica ssp. pubescens (Hiroe) Zonn.

*calculated from [7]