Table 3: Influence of NaCl and CMA treatments on mean soil pH and soil electrical conductivity (EC) at the end of the experiment.

TreatmentpH (water)pH (CaCl2)EC (mS cm−1)

Control6.97 (0.23)a*6.39 (0.25)a0.630 (0.07)a
 Low6.34 (0.21)a5.99 (0.20)a2.96 (0.48)a
 Medium 6.42 (0.36)a 6.21 (0.39)a6.63 (0.87)a
 High6.63 (0.23)a6.42 (0.38)a13.64 (0.81)a
 Very high 6.91 (0.30)a 6.54 (0.17)a 22.16 (1.23)a
 Low8.29 (0.42)a7.78 (0.38)a0.83 (0.04)a
 Medium 9.11 (0.07)a8.72 (0.10)a1.58 (0.33)a
 High9.50 (0.08)a9.20 (0.12)a1.75 (0.24)a
 Very high 9.70 (0.10)a 9.49 (0.04)a 1.89 (0.18)a
𝑃 value<0.001<0.001<0.001

*Mean ( 𝑛 = 4 ) and SD (shown in parentheses). Treatment effects were analyzed using ANOVA coupled with the Bonferroni mean comparison test ( 𝑃 < 0 . 0 5 ).
aMean that share the same letter within a column are not significantly different.