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Ethnobotany and Ethnomedicinal Uses, Chromosomal Status and Natural Propagation of Some Plants of Lahaul-Spiti and Adjoining Hills

Table 1

Family, species and its vernacular name, meiotic chromosome number, ploidy level, locality and altitude, habit and habitat, natural regeneration, flowering and fruiting period, plant part used and ethnobotanical uses in the wild plants of Lahaul-Spiti, and adjoining high altitude hills.

Family/species (vernacular name)/meiotic chromosome number “ ”/ploidy levelLocality and altitude in meters (m)Voucher specimen number (PUN)Habit and habitatNatural regenerationFlowering and fruiting periodPlant part usedEthnobotanical and ethnomedicinal uses

(1) Angelica glauca Edgew.
  (Choru, Chora) 
Dhancho, 3,030 m51529 PUNTall perennial herb; shady moist placesSeeds, rootstockJuly–SeptemberWhole plant, rootsStomach troubles and stimulant
Spices and condiments
(2) Bupleurum falcatum L.
Bharmour, 2,130 m 51524 PUNPerennial herb; dry slopesSeeds, rootstockJune–SeptemberRootsLiver troubles
(3)  Chaerophyllum aromaticum L.
Koksar, 3,140 m51546 PUNHerb; moist slopesSeeds, rootstockJune–SeptemberRootsPlant eaten raw or used as pot herb
Along with mint is used as flavouring agent
(4) Heracleum lanatum Michx.(Raswal)
Trilokinath, 3,020 m 51542 PUN Perennial herb; along water courses and amongst stones and open slopes Seeds, rootstock June–September Leaves, tender shoots, and fruits Check the excessive menses and bleeding, abdominal pain and gastric disorders
(5) Impatiens sulcata Wall.
Sissu, 3,170 m51627 PUNAnnual herb; along streamsSeedsJune–AugustWhole plantPaste made by mixing it with lichens and Rumex sp. is used as nail polish
(6) I. brachycentra Royle
Jhalama, 3,070 m51632 PUNAnnual herb; glacial streams and moist shady placesSeedsJuly–AugustLeavesRed dye obtained is used as nail paint
(7) Biebersteinia odora Steph. ex Fish. (Figure 3(a))
Baralacha Pass,
5,030 m
51587 PUNPerennial herb; alpine meadows and dry rocky and scree slopes Seeds, rootstocks July–OctoberRootstocksAntiseptic and blood purifier
(8) Lepidium latifolium L.
Bahu, 2,830 m51618 PUNPerennial herb; open slopes and around cultivated fieldsSeeds, rootstocksJuly–SeptemberAerial partsRheumatic pain
(9) Cerastium cerastoides (L.)
Batal, 3,960 m51479 PUNPerennial herb; moist slopes and meadowsSeeds, stolonJune–SeptemberWhole plantDecoction for cough
(10) Silene vulgaris (Moench) Garcke
Udaipur, 2,740 m51713 PUNPerennial herb; grassy slopes and meadowsSeeds, rootstocksJune–SeptemberFresh young leaves and twigsVegetable
(11) Rosularia alpestris (Kar
& Kir) Boriss.
(Pyau Chakti)
Kukumsheri, 2800 m51163 PUNPerennial herb; rock crevices and dry sandy slopesSeed, offsetsJune–SeptemberWhole plantJuice—considered good for health
(12) Datisca cannabina L.
Jahlama, 3,070 m49418 PUNPerennial robust herb; dry sandy slopesSeeds, rootstocksJuly–SeptemberRootsYellow dye
(13)  Corydalis govaniana Wall.
Gauri Kund, 3,930 m51673 PUNPerennial herb; rock crevices and glacial morainesSeeds, rootstocksJuly–SeptemberWhole plantLeprosy and rheumatism
(14) Geranium pratense L.
(Porlo, Likatur)
Lossar, 3,900 m51573 PUNPerennial herb; moist placesSeeds, rootstocksJuly–SeptemberWhole plant,
Cough, jaundice, and gastric disorders
Poultice to bruises. Black dye obtained by boiling roots along with Naktsur (sulfurous raw mineral)
Offered to deities
(15) G. wallichianum D. Don
ex Sweet
Rohtang Pass, 3,980 m 51190 PUN Perennial herb; moist slopes Seeds, rootstocks July–September Whole plant Stomachaches, cough, cold, and throat infections
(16)  Astragalus bicuspis Fischer
Gondhla, 3,160 m51179 PUNUnder shrub: open, dry, and sandy slopesSeeds, rootstocksJuly–AugustWhole plantSoil binder
(17) A. himalayanus Klotzsch
Zingzingbar, 4,350 m51288 PUNHerb; meadows, dry slopes, and around cultivated areasSeeds July–SeptemberSeeds, flowersStrangury
(18) A. rhizanthus Royle ex
Benth. (Figure 6(a)) 
Chandartal Lake, 4,300 m51276 PUNPerennial herb; dry slopes, riverbeds, and among stonesSeeds, rootstockJune–SeptemberRootsFodder
(19)  Cicer microphyllum Benth. (Figure 3(b))
(Nayarcha, Chiri)
Chandartal Lake, 4,300 m51219 PUNPerennial herb; sandy and dry slopesSeeds, rootstocksJune–SeptemberAerial parts, seedsTreatment of sore mouth in cattle
“Khur” disease of sheep and goats
Dry as well as fresh leaves are used as vegetable or eaten raw
(20) Indigofera gerardiana Wall. ex Baker
Tindi, 2,600 m51312 PUNShrub: shady and sometimes also on open moist sloesSeeds, new sprouts, and suckers begin from dormant buds on stems, rootstocksMay–AugustLeaves and young shootsFodder and fuel
(21) Medicago falcata L.
Keylong, 3,340 m51328 PUNPerennial herb; moist shady placesSeedsJuly–SeptemberAerial partsUsed as a good fodder
Cuts and wounds
(22) Trigonella emodi Benth.
(Kuchona, Buksup)
Sundrasi, 3,370 m51160 PUNHerb; moist places, riverbeds, and around cultivated fieldsSeedsJune–AugustYoung leaves, shoots, and flowersVegetable
Plant considered being poisonous
if fed before flowering
Insect repellent
Dried plants as perfume and fresh flowers worn as garland
  (23) Malva neglecta Wall.
Keylong, 3,340 m51696 PUNPerennial herb; moist places and roadsidesSeeds, rootstocksJune–SeptemberWhole plantDecoction for malaria
Dried plants for kidney and bladder disorders
(24) M. verticillata L.
Kaza, 3,800 m51492 PUNPerennial herb; moist placesSeeds, rootstocksJune–SeptemberSeedsKidney and bladder disorders
(25)  Epilobium angustifolium L.
Miyar, 3,000 m51665 PUNPerennial herb; moist places, amidst stones, and bouldersSeeds, rootstocksJuly–SeptemberRootsCrushed roots used as a detergent
(26)  E. latifolium ssp.
Speciosum (Decne.) Raven
Batal, 3,960 m51654 PUNPerennial herb; dry slopes and on rocksSeeds, rootstocksJuly–SeptemberFlowers Ornamental
(27)  Meconopsis aculeata Royle (Figure 3(c))
(Chharbongcha Chharmen)
Gauri Kund, 3,930 m49361 PUNHerb; among boulders in alpine rocky areasSeedsJune–SeptemberAerial parts rootsSwelling of legs after long distance walking
Narcotic and poisonous
(28)  Podophyllum hexandrum Royle (Figure 3(d))
Gulaba 3,400 m51708 PUNPerennial herb; moist slopesSeeds, rootstocksJuly–SeptemberRoots, fruitsPurgative
Tuberculosis and cough
(29)  Aconitum heterophyllum Wall. ex Royle (Figure 3(e))
Manimahesh Lake, 4,300 m51398 PUNHerb; subalpine and alpine grassy meadows and moist slopesSeedsJune–SeptemberRootsDiarrhoea, coughs, astringent, and aphrodisiac
(30)  A. violaceum Jacq. Ex
Manimahesh Lake, 4,300 m51402 PUNSmall herb; alpine Himalayan regionsSeeds, rootstocksJune–SeptemberRootsCough, high fever stomach problems, snake and scorpion bites, contagious infections, and intestine inflammation
(31) Aquilegia fragrans Benth.
(Lande, Kumuk)
Chhatru, 3,360 m51377 PUNPerennial herb; moist slopesSeeds, rootstocksJuly–SeptemberFlowersHair follicle infection
(32) Caltha palustris L.
(4x) (Figure 3(f))
Trilokinath, 3,020 m51333 PUNPerennial herb; marshy areas along water streams and glacial morainesSeeds, rootstocksJune–SeptemberLeaves
To keep maggots out of cattle wounds. To clean the hands
(33) Delphinium denudatum Wall. ex Hook. f. & Thomson
Dibri, 2,300 m51384 PUNPerennial herb; margins of Cedrus and Pine forest, dry scrubby slopes Seeds, rootstocksJuly–SeptemberRootsToothache
(34)  Ranunculus hirtellus Royle
(2x), 16 (4x)
Keylong, 3,340 m51374 PUNPerennial herb; moist places and alpine meadowsSeeds, rootstocksJune–SeptemberWhole plantCounter irritant
Swelling in testes
(35) Thalictrum foetidum L.
Trilokinath, 3,020 m51335 PUNPerennial herb; dry slopes, among stones and bouldersSeeds, rootstocksJune–SeptemberFlowersReligious ceremonies
(36) Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl.
Kothi, 2,400 m49218 PUNTrailing evergreen shrub on rocky slopes, rocky mountain areas, thickets, and river valleys Seeds, new shoots from dormant bud on old stemJune–SeptemberWhole plant, fruitsEaten raw
Walking sticks and baskets
Used for fuel
(37)  Potentilla atrosanguinea Lodd. var. argyrophylla (Wall. ex Lehm.) Griers. & Long 
(6x), 42 (12x)
Kilingsarai, 4,500 m51101 PUNPerennial herb; alpine meadows and glacial morainesSeeds, rootstockJune–OctoberRootsToothache and gingivitis
(38)  Rosa webbiana Wall. ex
Royle (Figures 3(g), 4(a), and 4(b))
Kaza, 3,800 m51450 PUNDeciduous prickly shrub; open sandy and rocky slopesSeeds, rootstocksJune–SeptemberFruits, stems, and flowersEaten
Used as biofence
Brooms made—used to remove stones and debris from roads
Used as fuel
Offered in gompas, stomach ache
(39) Spiraea canescens D. Don
Kothi, 2,400 m51421 PUNShrub: dry slopesSeeds, rootstocksJune–SeptemberSlender branchesRim of baskets
(40) Bergenia stracheyi Engl.
(Figures 6(b), 6(c), and 6(d))
Gramphoo, 3,160 m51682 PUNPerennial herb; moist rocky slopes, among bouldersSeeds, rootstocksMay–SeptemberLeaves, rootstocks, and rootsUsed as fuel wood

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