Research Article

Self-Assessment of Problem Solving Disposition in Medical Students

Table 2

Factor analysis.

ItemComponent associated to
Knowledge of discipline
Component associated to
Pattern recognition
Component associated to
Application of general strategies for problem solving

(1) I acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses on a particular topic.−0.0880.170
(2) I recognize how much information I have about a concept.0.1710.280
(3) I easily remember concepts that I learned long ago.−0.0330.047
(7) I seek alternative solutions before making a decision.−0.103−0.431*
(10) I decide the solution of a problem from evaluating several options.−0.114−0.405*
(11) I identify alternative solutions to problems.0.057−0.264
(12) I am able to focus on a problem.0.3700.036

Values more or equal to 0.4.