Table 2: Fuel parameters for Favone and Suartone fire case studies.

Case studyVariableFavone fireSuartone fire

Vegetation typeShrubland 2Shrubland 4
Dominant speciesArbutus unedoJuniperus phoenicea
Erica arboreaJuniperus oxycedrus
Height (m) 𝐷 𝑑 22

Fuel load (Mg·ha−1)
 1-h 𝜎 𝑑 3.923.92
 10-hNot used3.923.92
 100-hNot used2.022.02
 Litter 𝜎 𝑑 5.00
 Cured herbaceous 𝜎 𝑑 0.4
 Live leaves 𝜎 𝑙 17.917.9

Surface to volume ratio (m−1)
 1-h 𝑠 𝑑 554410200
 Cured herbaceous 𝑠 𝑑 10000
 Litter 𝑠 𝑑 5544
 Live leaves 𝑠 𝑙 476610200
Dead heat content (kJ·kg−1) Δ 𝐻 1862018620
Live heat content (kJ·kg−1)Not used1973521173

Fuel moisture content on dry basis %
 1-h 𝑚 𝑑 88
 Cured herbaceous 𝑚 𝑑 8
 Litter 𝑚 𝑑 8
 Live leaves 𝑚 𝑙 10039
Specific heat content (J·kg−1·K−1) 𝑐 𝑝 𝑑 19001900
Fuel density (kg·m−3) 𝜌 𝑑 720750