Table 3: Comparison of selected properties of algal biooil and typical conventional diesel with respect to the European norm for biodiesel [14].

Fuel propertyAlgal biodieselPetroleum dieselEN14214 standard

Higher heating value (MJ/kg)4145.9
Kinematic viscosity (mm²/s) 40°C5.21.2–3.53.5–5.2
Density (kg/L)0.8640.83-0.840.86–0.90
Carbon (wt%)7687
Hydrogen (wt%)≤12,713
Oxygen (wt%)≥11,30
Sulphur (wt%)00.05 max<10 max. 0,02
Boiling point (°C)180–340
Flash point (°C)11560–80>101
Cloud point (°C)−15 to 5
Pour point (°C)−12−35 to −15
Cetane number51>51