Research Article

Study of Thermal Energy Production by Combustion of Lard and Diesel Mixtures

Table 3

Chemical and physical properties of lard and diesel.

UnitTest methodLardDiesel

Density at 15°C(kg/m3)ISO 3675911848
Density at 35°C(kg/m3)ISO 3675899635
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C(mm2/s)ISO 310440.872.7
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C(mm2/s)ISO 31048.461.2
S percent by mass(kg/kg)ASTM D-42390.030.07
C percent by mass(kg/kg)ASTM 529176.886.6
H percent by mass(kg/kg)ASTM 529111.612.3
O percent by mass(kg/kg)11.31.03
N percent by mass(kg/kg)ASTM 52910.2
Ashes(kg/kg)ASTM 52910.002
H.H.V.(kJ/kg)ASTM D-24039,39744,872
L.H.V.(kJ/kg)ASTM D-24036,93942,268