Research Article

Study of Thermal Energy Production by Combustion of Lard and Diesel Mixtures

Table 7

Measuring equipment used in the tests, with the measuring range.

Fume analyzer (one piece of equipment)

Make and modelTESTO model 342-3
Type K thermometerRange −40 at 1,200°C ± 0.1°C
Electrochemical O2 probeRange 0% at 21%
CO probe (with H compensation)Range 0 at 4000 ppm.
NO electrolytic cell probeRange 0 at 3000 ppm

Temperature probe (Five probes)

Termopar typeK
Measuring interval−40° at 1,000°C ± 0.5°C

Pressure probe (four probes)

Manometer typeSpiral
Supply pressure interval100 to 4,000 kPa precision 1%
Return pressure interval20 to 100 kPa precision 1%