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Biocrude Production through Pyrolysis of Used Tyres

Table 4

Chronology of processes used for pyrolysis of used tyres.

Researcher(s)Reactor usedProcess typeYear

Gotshall [50]n.rDestructive distillation1970
Alpert [51]n.rHydroconversion1972
Grannen and Robinson [52]MicrowaveMicrowave pyrolysis1974
Crane and Kay [53]n.rPyrolization1976
Herbold [54]n.rSubatmospheric pyrolysis1978
Kaminsky and Sinn [55]Fluidized bed Pyrolysis1980
Ito et al. [56]Fluidized bed and incineration fluidized bed chamberPyrolysis and incineration1982
Engman et al. [57]Quartz tubePyrolysis1984
Bouvier and Gelus [58]Heated cylindrical glass flaskTyre copyrolysis with oil1986
Chou et al. [59]Quartz tubeFlash pyrolysis1988
Roy et al. [60]Batch reactor Vacuum pyrolysis1990
Roy et al. [61]Batch reactorVacuum pyrolysis1992
Pakdel and Roy [62]Continuous feed reactor Vacuum pyrolysis1994
Conesa et al. [63]Fluidized bed reactorPyrolysis1996
Leung and Wang [64]Platinum pan Pyrolysis and combustion1998
Mastral et al. [30]Swept fixed bedPyrolysis and hydropyrolysis2000
Galvagno et al. [65]Rotary kiln reactor Pyrolysis2002
Laresgoiti et al. [66]Autoclave reactor Pyrolysis2004
Murillo et al. [67]Fixed bed reactor Pyrolysis2006
Zhang et al. [12]Fixed bed reactorVacuum pyrolysis2008
Aylón et al. [68]Moving bed Pyrolysis2010
Aydin and Ilkilic [15]Fixed bed reactor Pyrolysis2012
Undri et al. [4]Microwave ovenMicrowave assisted pyrolysis2014
This studyPlasma reactorCatalytic copyrolysis2014

n.r.: not reported.