Table 2: Distribution at baseline of selected characteristics by quintiles of DXA-derived whole body fat mass among non-cases ( 10,457).

Quintiles of whole body fat mass

Age, mean63.563.764.063.361.8
Family history of breast cancer (%)15.915.716.615.215.6
History of diabetes (%)
Age at menarche (% <12 yrs)15.319.320.123.226.3
Age at first full-term pregnancy (% ≥30 yrs)
Parity (mean)
Age at menopause, mean47.346.346.446.145.4
Oral contraceptive use (% ever)38.137.335.936.738.3
Hormone therapy (% ever)58.757.753.050.544.5
Alcohol intake—drink/wk (mean)
Physical activity (MET), mean15.711.
Pack-years of smoking, mean8.
Total energy intake (Kcal/day), mean15281585163217091848
Total carbohydrate intake (g/day), mean198199201207217
Education (% post-college)29.122.519.519.317.6
Ethnicity, %
 Non-Hispanic white86.681.477.673.967.9