Journal of Cancer Epidemiology / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Smokeless Tobacco and Oral Cancer in South Asia: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis

Table 1

Characteristics of included studies on oral cancer.

AuthorsYearLocationStudy typeSample Size 
(Cohort size/oral cancer cases)**
Quality assessment*Mean age of casesAdjustment for smoking and alcohol

Sankaranarayanan et al. [29]1989IndiaCase-control228/453 Moderaten/aSmoking and alcohol
Sankaranarayanan et al. [30]1989IndiaCase-control187/895Moderaten/aSmoking and alcohol
Goud et al. [32]1990IndiaCase-control102/102Weak53No
Nandakumar et al. [33]1990IndiaCase-control348/348Moderate54.8No
Sankaranarayanan et al. [31]1990IndiaCase-control414/895Moderaten/aSmoking and alcohol
Rao et al. [34] 1994IndiaCase-control713/635Moderate50.35Smoking and alcohol
Khan et al. [35]1995PakistanCase-control24/24Moderate54No
Wasnik et al. [36]1998IndiaCase-control123/246Moderaten/aNo
Dikshit and Kanhere [37]2000IndiaCase-control558/260Moderaten/aSmoking
Merchant et al. [38]2000PakistanCase-control79/149 Moderate49Smoking and alcohol
Balaram et al. [39]2002IndiaCase-control591/582Moderaten/aNo
Znaor et al. [40]2003IndiaCase-control1563/3638 Moderaten/aSmoking and alcohol
Subapriya et al. [41] 2007IndiaCase-control388/388Moderate50.85No
Gangane et al. [42]2007IndiaCase-control140/380Weakn/aNo
Basu et al. [43] 2008IndiaCase-control110/110 Weakn/aNo
Muwonge et al. [44]2008IndiaCase-control282/1410Moderaten/aSmoking and alcohol
Jayalekshmi et al. [45]2009IndiaCohort study79593/92**Moderaten/aNo
Jayalekshmi et al. [46] 2011IndiaCohort study66277/160**Moderaten/aNo
Pednekar et al. [47]2011IndiaCohort study87222/1267**Moderaten/aNo
Madani et al. [48]2012IndiaCase-control350/350Moderaten/aSmoking and alcohol
Ray et al. [49]2013IndiaCase-control698/948Weakn/aNo

*Based on the “Effective Public Health Project Quality Assessment Tool for Quantitative Studies”.
**Size of the cohort and the number of oral cancer cases in the cohort.