Research Article

Breast Cancer in the United States: A Cross-Sectional Overview

Table 3

5-year and 10-year overall survival (OS) of patients diagnosed between 2004 and 2016.

Variable5-year OS10-year OS
Probability95% CIProbability95% CI

By stage
By molecular subtype
 HR+, HER2-84%84-84%
 HR+, HER2+83%83-84%
 HR-, HER2-71%71-71%
 HR+, HER2+77%76-77%
By histologic subtype
 Ductal carcinoma84%84-84%70%70-70%
 Lobular carcinoma84%84-85%68%68-69%
 Adenocarcinoma of mixed subtypes81%79-84%65%61-69%
 Metaplastic carcinoma63%62-64%50%48-51%
 Rare breast carcinomas92%91-92%80%79-81%
 Inflammatory invasive carcinoma39%38-40%25%24-26%
 Other carcinomas84%84-84%71%70-71%
 Intraductal papillary90%89-90%78%77-79%
 Tumors of the nipple81%79-83%65%61-68%
 Carcinoid tumor60%39-92%40%16-99%
 Malignant lymphoma65%41-100%
By race
 Other, including Asian and Pacific Islander90%90-90%81%80-81%
By facility type
 Community cancer program80%80-80%63%63-64%
 Comprehensive community cancer program83%83-83%68%68-68%
 Academic cancer program85%85-85%72%72-72%
 Integrated cancer program84%84-84%69%69-70%

10-year OS data is not available by receptor subtype, as HER2 status is not documented in NCDB prior to 2009. 10-year OS data also not available for patients with malignant lymphoma of the breast due to the year of diagnosis within the last years.