Table 2: Planning section categories of decision support criteria.

Category 1: building use

Description Desired functionality of the proposed building
Elements Institutional, medical, research, food service, multimedia, recreational, office, retail, instructional, mass transit, and residential

Category 2: project validation

Description Determining the levels of importance based on project requirements and expectations
Elements Sustainability considerations, end user considerations, modifications needed to meet regulatory requirements, usage rationalization, amenities, and site location (e.g., LEED rating systems, LBC certification, and Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Rating System)

Category 3: project costs

Description Determining the level of effort required to achieve the desired project cost
Elements Available funding, types and sources of project funds, cost and financing, and related/resulting projects

Category 4: project schedule

Description Assessing the level of effort required to achieve the desired project schedule
Elements Proposed project end date, schedule milestones and deadlines, and related/resulting projects

Category 5: building considerations

Description Assessing the level of effort required for a new building or existing building to meet size requirements
Elements Usage adaptability, classroom size, occupancy, market capacity, volume, area uses in net and gross surface area, number of laboratory stations, linear feet or display space, occupant accommodation requirements, operational security system requirements, and antiterrorism standards