Table 3: Facilities management section categories of decision support criteria.

Category 1: performance reliability

Description Assessing the level of effort needed to accomplish optimal operational performance from the desired building
Elements Critical systems redundancy, architectural stability, structural stability, civil stability and reliability of mechanical, and electrical and plumbing systems

Category 2: maintenance requirements

Description Evaluating the level of effort requirements needed to meet the requirements of the maintenance
Elements Daily occupancy loads, maximum occupancy requirements, equipment monitoring requirements, materials, finishes, commissioning plans, maintenance impact, and compatibility with existing maintenance

Category 3: design issues

Description Considering design issues and the level of effort needed to meet these issues
Elements Layout flexibility, design life, aesthetics, master plan compatibility, and overall size of building

Category 4: building level of service

Description Assessing the level of performance for the desired building in terms of space planning and functionality
Elements Outline of desired goals of building performance, an achievable level of service, and an acceptable approach to establish project criterion

Category 5: envisioned post occupancy

DescriptionEvaluation of building from current users of the building to identify necessary improvements in building design and performance and to assess the overall building scope
ElementsPostoccupancy evaluation, retrocommissioning and perceived productivity studies, and end-of-life cycle considerations