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E-Journal of Chemistry
Volume 4, Issue 4, Pages 574-580

Interaction Studies of Dilute Aqueous Oxalic Acid

Kiran Kandpal, B. K. Joshi, S. K. Joshi, and N. D. Kandpal

Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry , Kumuan University, S S J Campus Almora, U A 263601, India

Received 14 April 2007; Accepted 26 May 2007

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Molecular conductance λm, relative viscosity and density of oxalicacid at different concentration in dilute aqueous solution were measured at 293 K.The conductance data were used to calculate the value association constant.Viscosity and density data were used to calculate the A and B coefficient ofJone-Dole equation and apparent molar volume respectively. The viscosityresults were utilized for the applicability of Modified Jone-Dole equation andStaurdinger equations. Mono oxalate anion acts, as structure maker and thesolute-solvent interaction were present in the dilute aqueous oxalic acid.