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E-Journal of Chemistry
Volume 6, Issue 4, Pages 1221-1227

Immersion Calorimetry for the Characterization of PD Catalysts Supported on Activated Carbon

Liliana Giraldo1 and Juan Carlos Moreno-Piraján2

1Faculty of Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
2Faculty of Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Research Group of Porous Solids and Applied Calorimetry, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia

Received 11 November 2008; Accepted 25 January 2009

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Activated carbons obtained from coconut peel were oxidized using hydrogen peroxide. Superficial characteristics of these carbons were determined through N2 and CO2 isotherms and functional groups were characterized by TPD. Finally, the microcalorimetry technique was used in order to obtain the immersion enthalpies in diverse liquids and established the relation between them and the results obtained by the other characterization techniques. The results suggested that the immersion calorimetry allow establishing the difference between the supports and the catalysts.