Trees / bushes like pattern have been investigated in succinic acid + ethylacetoacetate + BrO3 + Fe (phen)3+2 + Ce+4 + H2SO4 system at 30 °C in a petridish after 6 hours. These patterns are dependent on initial concentration of reactants and temperature. The system first shows fast appearing / disappearing blue and red pattern then bifurcate into concentric waves and finally shows a tree / bushes type pattern which grows in length and breadth against time. Microphotographs of trees / bushes pattern, succinic acid and ceric ammonium sulphate shows that a new compound has been formed which is responsible for this pattern. It is further confirmed by X-ray powder spectrum of trees / bushes pattern material and succinic acid. IR spectra of pattern material show that presence of cyclic compound in which Ce+4 ion coordinated by hydroxyethylacetoacetate. A tentative mechanism of pattern formation is proposed.