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E-Journal of Chemistry
Volume 6, Issue 1, Pages 281-288

Synthesis, Characterization and Chelating Properties of Benzimidazole-Salicylic Acid Combined Molecule

Kamlesh V. Patel and Arun Singh

Department of Chemistry, Govt.Geetanjali P.G. Girls College, Bhopal, India

Received 22 May 2008; Accepted 20 July 2008

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Aminomethylation (i.e. Mannich reaction) of benzimidazole was carried out by treating benzimidalzole with formaldehyde and 4-aminosalicylic acid. The resultant compound was designated as 1-(4-carboxy-3-hydroxyphenyl aminomethyl) benzimidazole (BI-SA). The transition metal complexes of Cu2+, Co2+, Ni2+, Mn2+, Zn2+ and Fe3+ of BI-SA have been prepared and characterized by elemental analyses, spectral studies, magnetic moment determination, molar conductivity measurement and microbicidal activity.