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E-Journal of Chemistry
Volume 6, Issue 3, Pages 729-736

Removal of Nickel(II) from Aqueous Solutions by Adsorption with Modified ZSM- 5 Zeolites

P. Panneerselvam,1 V. Sathya Selva Bala,1 N. Thinakaran,1 P. Baskaralingam,1 M. Palanichamy,2 and S. Sivanesan1

1Environmental Management Laboratory, Department of Chemical Engineering, A. C. Technology, Anna University, Chennai 600 025, Tamilnadu, India
2Department of Chemistry, Anna University, Chennai-25, India

Received 15 November 2008; Accepted 12 January 2009

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The sorptive removal of nickel ion from aqueous solutions using modified ZSM-5 zeolites was investigated. Experiments were carried out as a function of solute concentration and different temperatures. Mesoporous material of ZSM-5 zeolite was modified with phosphoric acid by wet method. The modified zeolite was converted to Na+ form using aqueous NaHCO3 solution. The Na+ form of modified zeolite, represented as PNa2--ZSM-5 was characterized by XRD, BET, SEM and AAS techniques. It was then tested for ion exchange with aqueous Ni(SO4) solution. The Ni2+ content of the solution was analyzed by AAS. Phosphoric acid modified PNa2--ZSM-5 zeolite shows higher adsorption capacity than the parent Na-Y zeolite. Equilibrium modeling data were fit to linear Langmuir model then the Freundlich model. These parameter confirmed that sorption of Ni2+ is feasible spontaneous and endothermic.