Interactions between ortho and para substituents of anilines such as chloroaniline, methylaniline and methoxyaniline with 1-octanol have been studied in carbon tetrachloride. The most likely association of complex between 1-octanol and substituents of anilines is 1:1 stoichiometric complex, through hydroxyl group of 1-octanol and amine group of ortho and para substituents of anilines. Interactions are studied on the bases of formation constant and free energy changes. Formation constant of the complex has been calculated using Nash method. The result shows that molecular interaction of 1-octanol as proton donor with methyl and chloride substitution of anilines in ortho position is smaller than the para position substitution of anilines. The results shows, the ability of acceptors is in the order p-methoxyaniline < o-chloroaniline<o-methylaniline<o-methoxyaniline <p-chloroaniline <p-methylaniline.