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E-Journal of Chemistry
Volume 7, S1, Pages S55-S60

Novel Surface Coating System Based on Maleated Shellac

Hasmukh S. Patel and Sumeet J. Patel

Department of Chemistry, Sardar Patel University Vallabh Vidyanagar-388120 Gujarat, India

Received 10 January 2010; Revised 31 March 2010; Accepted 21 April 2010

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Shellac a natural forest product was reacted with various proportion of maleic anhydride. The resulted maleated shellac samples were designated as (MS-1 to 3) and applied for the preparation of surface coating material. Thus various compositions of coating materials were prepared by varying the contents of MS and commercial grades of acrylic resins (AR). The coating materials were applied on substrates like plaster of paris, cement and limed surface. All the coating showed film performance with good adhesion finish, smoothness and lack of flaking on the surfaces. The results show that the coating showed good water and chemical resistance.