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E-Journal of Chemistry
Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages 830-834

Antimycobacterial Activity of Some Synthesized Fluorinated Benzothiazolo Imidazole Compounds

B. S. Sathe,1 E. Jaychandran,2 G. M. Sreenivasa,2 and V. A. Jagtap1

1Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Smt. S. S. Patil College of Pharmacy, Chopda-425 107, India
2P. G. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, S. C. S. College of Pharmacy, Harapanahalli-583 131, India

Received 18 July 2010; Accepted 5 September 2010

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4-Fluoro-3-chloroanilline treated with potassium thiocyanate in presence of glacial acetic acid and bromine was converted into 2-amino-6-fluoro-7-chlorobenzothiazole, resulting into 2-amino benzothiazole. The synthesized compound in presence of 2-phenyl-4-benzylidine-5-oxazolinone refluxed in pyridine to obtain 2-(2-phenyl-4-benzylidenyl-5-oxo-imidazolin-1-yl amino)-6-fluoro-7-substituted(1,3)benzothiazoles. The above said compound was treated with ortho, meta and para nitroanillines, ortho, meta, para chloroanillines, morpholino, piperazine, diphenylamine in the presence of DMF to obtain different derivatives. Some compounds showed promising anti-microbial activity.