A micellar catalyzed oxidation of pentaamminecobalt(III) complexes of α-amino acids by Mn(III)acetate in acidic medium yielding nearly 100% Co(II) and about 100% carbonyl compounds are ultimate products. The unbound amino acids yield about 100% of carbonyl compound in presence of micelles. The effect of variation of sulphuric acid has been carried. The decrease in UV-Visible absorbance at λ=502 nm for Co(III) complex corresponds to nearly 100% of the initial absorbance. In spite of the stoichiometry of Mn(III) to unbound ligand is 2:1, the ratio of Mn(III) to cobalt(III) complex is 1:1 accounting for about 100% reduction at the cobalt(III) centre. The kinetic and stoichiometric results have been accounted. A suitable mechanism consistent with the experimental findings has been proposed by involving a radical cation intermediate.