Research Article

Chemical Composition and Nutraceutical Potential of Indian Borage (Plectranthus amboinicus) Stem Extract

Table 1

Reducing potential of methanolic extract of stem of Plectranthus amboinicus.

Concentration (ppm)Methanolic extractAscorbic acid*

250.085 ± 0.003a0.894 ± 0.001a
500.161 ± 0.008b1.77 ± 0.17b
750.227 ± 0.004cND
1000.293 ± 0.006dND
1250.347 ± 0.021eND

Ascorbic acid was used as a positive control.
ND: not detectable; values are not readable in spectrophotometer (>3.7 OD).
Values followed by different letters in a column are significantly different ( ) from each other.