Table 1: Summary of the BET (m2/g), pore volume (cm3/g), pore size (Å) and surface aspect of the chemically prepared activated carbon by ZnCl2 from cola nut shells.

AdsorbentBET (m2/g)Pore volumePore size (Å)Surface aspect

ACSurface area at = 0.206156171: 663.6573 m²/g 
BET Surface Area: 647.7374 m²/g
Adsorption total pore volume of pores 0.332061 cm³/gAdsorption average pore width (4V/A by BET): 20.5059 Å Heterogeneous with micropores and mesopores
Adsorption cumulative surface area of pores 86.433 m²/g Adsorption cumulative volume of pores 0.082139 cm³/gAdsorption average pore diameter (4V/A): 38.013 Å
Desorption cumulative surface area of pores 93.3700 m²/gDesorption cumulative volume of pores 0.082827 cm³/gDesorption average pore diameter (4V/A): 35.483 Å