Journal of Chemistry / 2013 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Synthesis and Characterization of Trivalent Cerium Complexes of p-tert-Butylcalix[4,6,8]Arenes: Effect of Organic Solvents

Table 2

Observed FT-IR bands of the synthesized complexes at 25°C.

SampleWavelength in cm−1
ν(OH) C(CH3)3–CH2ν(C–OH) ν(C=C) δ(C–H) CH3 wagging

Ligand-13168 (sb)2960 (s)2908 (vwsh)1200 (s)1484 (w)872 (w)964 (w)
2872 (vwsh)1364 (w)1608 (w)
Complex 13192 (sb)2960 (s)1202 (s)1484 (w)872 (w)964 (w)
2872 (vwsh)1306 (s)1652 (w)
Ligand-23152 (vsb)2960 (s)2908 (vwsh)1204 (vs)1486 (vs)874 (w) 912 (m)
2872(vwsh)1209 (s)1608 (w)
1364 (s)   
Complex 23428 (mb)2960 (s)1204 (w)1490 (s)872 (w) 910 (vw)
2872 (vwsh) 1364 (vw)1614 (s)  
Ligand-33232 (sb)2960 (s)2908 (vwsh)1204 (vs)1488 (s)874 (w) 914 (w)
2872 (vwsh)1364 (w)1604 (s)
Complex 33408 (sb)2960 (s)1208 (vw)1462 (w)872 (w)964 (w)
1386 (m)1604 (s)

sh: shoulder, w: weak, m: medium, s: strong, v: very, b: broad.