Research Article

Benzophenone Suppression of Quercetin Antioxidant Activity towards Lipids under UV-B Irradiation Regime: Detection by HPLC Chromatography

Figure 3

Degradation (bleaching) of benzophenone from the UV-B-irradiated sample, that is, quercetin/BZP/phospholipids mixture in methanol. (a) The recorded samples chromatograms recorded at 250 nm (BZP retention time, , of 3.3 min). (b) Changes in BZP absorption spectra taken from the upper (a) chromatogram (BZP peak at  min), as a result of the increasing UV-B irradiation periods . (c) Kinetics of UV-B irradiation-induced bleaching, followed through a decrease of BZP peak (  min) integrated areas as a result of the increased UV-B irradiation periods, The corresponding bleaching rate constant and the related error bars are shown in the plot.