Journal of Chemistry / 2015 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Detection of Residual Levels and Associated Health Risk of Seven Pesticides in Fresh Eggplant and Tomato Samples from Narayanganj District, Bangladesh

Table 3

Percentage contamination and HRIs of the investigated pesticides for tomato.

PesticideContamination rate (%)MRL (mg/kg)ADI (mg/kg/day)EDI (mg/kg/day)HRIHealth risk

Carbofuran10 0.020.0030.00391.3Yes
Diazinon40 0.010.0010.016616.6Yes
Dimethoate0 0.020.001
Fenitrothion20 0.010.0020.00730.7No
Linuron10 0.050.0100.00310.3No
Parathion10 0.050.005
Phosphamidon10 0.010.0010.00404.0Yes

MRL= maximum residual limit; HRI = human risk index; ADI = acceptable dietary intake; EDI = estimated dietary intake. The HRI was calculated by considering an average daily vegetable intake for an adult (60 kg) as 0.345 kg/person/day [15, 16] and using the MRL determined by EC regulation 396/2005 (from the EU pesticide database) [15].