Research Article

Measurement of Capsaicinoids in Chiltepin Hot Pepper: A Comparison Study between Spectrophotometric Method and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Analysis

Figure 3

Bland-Altman plot for total capsaicinoids in Chiltepin fruit extracts. (a) The solid line represents the mean difference in measured capsaicinoids concentrations between methods, and the dashed lines are ±2 SD. Mean difference: −3.7, standard deviation: 1.96, and 95% limit of agreement: −21.8 to 14.3. (b) By Deming regression of the scatter plot, the slope is 0.716; the intercept, 17.59; and the correlation coefficient () = 0.88. These results indicate a fair degree of correlation between HPLC and spectrometric (SPT) values.