Table 5: Docking scores and interactions of Sanjin Tablets compounds to the predicted targets.

Compound numberTarget PDB IDDocking scoreNumber of hydrogen bondsResidues involved

11I525Ala15, Arg19, Arg20, Lys27, and Ser88
21JVY4Asp14, Asp65, Arg66, and Arg345
31MOS6Ser303, Ser328, Gln348, Thr352, Glu488, and Asn600
41I524Gly18, Arg19, Arg20, and Asp106
51SZS3Gln50, Arg141, and Tyr155
61OHA12Gly44, Gly45, Asp49, Lys61, Gly64, Arg66, Asn158, Val159, Asn 160, Ala161, Thr211, and Asp212
71I523Arg19, Arg20, and Lys27
81JVY8Lys42, Glu44, Ala63, Asp65, Arg66, Glu111, Glu153, and Arg345