Table 2: Values assigned to the parameters used to estimate GHG emissions for the case studies.


CH4 emissions from leakages0.85% of COD treated + 1.3% of CH4 burnt[21]
N2O emissions from nitrification-denitrification units0.5% of the nitrogen treated[42]
N2O emissions from 1-stage partial nitritation-Anammox reactors (sludge line)0.8% of the nitrogen treated[43]
N2O emissions from PN reactor (main stream)0.1% of the nitrogen treated[44]
N2O emissions from Anammox reactor (main stream)0.1% of the nitrogen treated[45]
N2O emissions from CANDO process3.4% of the nitrogen treated + 1.3% of N2O burnt[21, 46]

Taking into account the fact that CH4 leakage from the cogeneration engine is 15% of the CH4 emissions. Taking into account the fact that all the ammonia present in the wastewater is converted into nitrite in the partial nitrification reactor and supposing a leakage of the N2O from the cogeneration engine similar to that of the CH4.