Journal of Chemistry / 2018 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Distribution and Identification of Sources of Heavy Metals in the Voghji River Basin Impacted by Mining Activities (Armenia)

Table 2

Water quality assessment objectives of heavy metals for Voghji River basin.

Heavy metalQuality class

Zn, µg/L3100200500>500
Cu, µg/L42450100>100
Cr, µg/L0.510.5100250>250
As, µg/L0.320.350100>100
Cd, µg/L0.>4.1
Pb, µg/L0.110.12550>50
Ni, µg/L0.610.650100>100
Mo, µg/L153060120>120
Mn, µg/L481632>32
V, µg/L0.41020100>100
Co, µg/L0.090.180.360.72>0.72
Fe, mg/L0.>1.0
Sb, µg/L0.5124>4
Ti, µg/L1.51020100>100
Se, µg/L1.1204080>80