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Main Variables Affecting a Chemical-Enzymatic Method to Obtain Protein and Amino Acids from Resistant Microalgae

Table 3

Regression coefficients, F values, and values of the variables and interactions in the equation models.

TermCoefficientF value value

A: ta0.325138.21<0.0001a
B: Bc−0.1941437.9<0.0001a
C: Te0.13334.13<0.0001a
D: te0.0251102.9<0.0001a
ta × ta−0.001411.540.0034a
ta × Bc−0.00072218.190.0005a
ta × Te0.001021.450.2448
Bc × Bc−0.000330.980.3371
Bc × te0.00055910.890.0042a

A: ta0.003533.32<0.0001a
B: Bc0.00555362.94<0.0001a
C: Te0.044239.25<0.0001a
D: te−0.000203209.15<0.0001a
ta × ta−0.00002154.490.0501
ta × Bc0.000007573.940.0647
Bc × Bc−0.000034317.40.0007a
Bc × Te0.00003433.980.0635
Bc × te0.000028154<0.0001a
Te × Te−0.0004264.30.0546

aStatistically significant at 95% confidence level.