Journal of Chemistry / 2019 / Article / Tab 4

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Main Variables Affecting a Chemical-Enzymatic Method to Obtain Protein and Amino Acids from Resistant Microalgae

Table 4

Optimal values of the factors to maximize the different response variables.

TermResponse variable
PFP + F[P]P + [P]All

Time of the alkaline reaction (ta) (min)120.0108.0106.0111.3111.2106.7
Time of the enzymatic reaction (te) (min)120.0120.0120.0120.0120.0120.0
Temperature of the enzymatic reaction (Te) (°C)
Biomass concentration (Bc) (mg·ml−1)50.0150.0102.1150.0104.0121.3

Predicted responseP82.054.168.354.467.863.0

P: protein yield; F: FAN yield; +: combined optimization; [P] = protein concentration in the final extract; All: combined optimization of P + F + [P].