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Production of Coconut Aroma in Solid-State Cultivation: Screening and Identification of Trichoderma Strains for 6-Pentyl-Alpha-Pyrone and Conidia Production

Table 2

Morphological characters of Trichoderma selected strains grown on PDA Petri dish and incubated at 27°C for 4-5 days.

Colony growth rate (cm)Colony colorColony edgeReverse colony colorCulture smellMycelial formMycelial colorConidial colorConidial wallConidial shape

T. asperellum G77-8 in 5 daysWhite to transparentSmoothColorlessCocountArachnoidWatery whiteWhiteSmooth3-4 µm
T. asperellum G188-9 in 5 daysGreen to dark greenWavyCreamishCocountFloccose to arachnoidWhiteDark greenRough3–5 µm
T. asperellum G38-9 in 5 daysOlive green to dark greenWavyCreamishCocountArachnoidWhiteGreenSmooth3.6–4.5 µm
T. asperellum G118-9 in 3 daysGreenWavyCreamishCocountFloccoseWhiteGreenRough3–5 µm
T. asperellum G98-9 in 3 daysDark greenWavyCreamishCocountFloccoseWhiteDark greenRough3–5 µm
T. longibrachiatum G147-8 in 3 daysYellow to orangeSmoothLight yellowMaltFloccoseWhiteTransparentSmooth2.5–3.5 µm
T. longibrachiatum G138-9 in 3 daysYellow to greenSmoothLight yellowCocountFloccoseWhiteGreenRough2.5–3.5 µm
T. longibrachiatum G177-8 in 3 daysYellow to greenSmoothDeep yellowMaltFloccoseWhiteGreen to yellowSmooth2.5–3.5 µm

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