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Biomass-Derived Chemicals and Materials: Opportunities, Challenges, and Sustainability

Call for Papers

The declining fossil reserves, increasing demand for feedstock, and rising environmental concerns necessitate a shift from conventional to an abundant, stable, and reliable renewable sources. Considering abundant availability and rapid growing tendency of biomass, significant attention has been paid by the researchers worldwide to obtain chemicals, materials, and energy by adopting biological (microbial/enzymatic) and/or chemical (extraction, pyrolysis, gasification, and combustion) processes. However, there are some challenges that needs to be met, for example, (i) high processing costs and limited yield (biological processes and extraction), (ii) requirement of high operating pressure, catalyst deactivation, and low product quality (pyrolysis), (iii) low process efficiencies due to moisture, slag formation, and expensive cleaning process of the syngas (gasification), (iv) selection and carbonization of biomass precursor to achieve a material of desired porosity, optimum conductivity, and high electrochemical performance at economical and minimal use of chemicals, and (v) optimization of pyrolysis conditions to retain heteroatoms (N, O, S, etc.) advantageous for charge enhancement (biomass to energy materials). With this background, many researchers have worked toward the development of a sustainable strategy for chemicals, materials, and energy considering the vast opportunities that biomass offers.

This Special Issue of the Journal of Chemistry will attempt to cover the recent advances in the utilization of biomass resources for energy, chemicals, and materials and thereby provide interdisciplinary, comprehensive, and insightful research in the area.

We welcome all kinds of high standard papers (research and review articles) from both academia and industries. We do hope that this special issue will draw contributors from different fields together to stimulate the exchange of ideas and spread knowledge of current capabilities and new possibilities for a sustainable future.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous acid/base catalyzed biomass (lignocellulose/chitin) conversion into chemical/fuel
  • Cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin valorization for commodity chemicals
  • Fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass through chemical and enzymatic process
  • Biomass-derived carbon or its composites application in energy storage devices
  • Heteroatom doped carbon for energy/biosensing/catalytic applications
  • Reaction mechanism and kinetics in biomass conversion
  • Chemistry of chemical and material production from biomass
  • Theoretical understanding of the chemical reactions and their experimental validation
  • Extraction of chemicals from biomass using ionic liquids
  • Tuning the properties of biomass-derived materials through chemical routes
  • Purification of biobased molecules, biogenic impurities, and catalyst deactivation

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Submission DeadlineFriday, 6 April 2018
Publication DateAugust 2018

Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.

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