Journal of Computer Networks and Communications / 2010 / Article / Tab 12

Research Article

Capacity Evaluation for IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX

Table 12

Simulation parameters [16].

Parameters Value

Channel model ITU Veh-B (6 taps) 120 km/hr
Channel bandwidth 10 MHz
Frequency band 2.35 GHz
Forward Error Correction Convolution Turbo Coding
Bit Error Rate threshold10-5
MS receiver noise figure 6.5 dB
BS antenna transmit power 35 dBm
BS receiver noise figure 4.5 dB
Path loss PL(distance)37×log10(distance)+20×log10(frequency)+43.58
Shadowing Log normal with σ=10
number of sectors per cell 3
Frequency reuse 1/3